NELA/RILA Joint 2018 Conference

21st to 23rd October, 2018

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Attending the following talks:

21st October 2018

2:45 pm
Teen Volunteering - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
4:00 pm
Teen Workforce Development: A Community Partner Approach - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
Design for Diversity: Towards More Inclusive Technical Systems - Ocean [Plaza Ballroom]
We're Better Together: Building Strong & Effective School & Public Library Partnerships - Wickford
5:15 pm
YA Literature: A Fast & Furious Overview - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
Fighting Cuts: An Advocacy Blueprint for Librarians & Libraries - Rotunda
7:30 pm
Annual Banquet & Emerson Greenaway Award Presentation - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]

22nd October 2018

9:00 am
A Space for Advocacy: Grassroots Library Support, Past & Future - Greenwich
The Missing Piece - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
Tips & Techniques: Gathering the Best Design Ideas - Patriots [Plaza Ballroom]
11:30 am
“Good Naked:” An Expressive Writing Workshop - Atrium
“A whole life can be changed by one book:” Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Using the ABLE MINDS Consequential Thinking Program - Barrington
Creating a Community of Supporters - Rhode Island [Plaza Ballroom]
Recruitment Readiness, or How to Make Sure I'm Hiring the Best Possible Staff - Bristol B
2:15 pm
Lessons Learned from Three New Library Directors - Rhode Island [Plaza Ballroom]
Fake News or Real News? Helping Our Patrons Tell Fact from Fake - Rotunda
4:30 pm
Queering The Library: How to Better Serve LGBTQIA+ Patrons At Your Library - Bristol B
Great Expectations: Leaping from High School to College - Wickford

23rd October 2018


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