NELA/RILA Joint 2018 Conference

21st to 23rd October, 2018

Lauren Maclachlan

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Lauren is attending the following talks:

21st October 2018

12:00 pm
Conference Orientation - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
1:00 pm
Keynote - Welcome: The Library is Your Space - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
2:00 pm
Afternoon Social Break - Plaza Foyer
2:45 pm
Spotlight on Special Services: A Tale of Two States - Patriots [Plaza Ballroom]
Ditching Dewey: How to Make Searching Your Collection Engaging, Not Enraging - Rhode Island [Plaza Ballroom]
4:00 pm
Talking about Race in the Library (in the 2nd whitest state in the U.S.) - Rotunda
5:15 pm
YA Literature: A Fast & Furious Overview - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
6:15 pm
RILA Sponsored Cocktail Hour - ALL WELCOME! - Plaza Foyer
7:30 pm
Annual Banquet & Emerson Greenaway Award Presentation - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]

22nd October 2018

7:15 am
Attendee Buffet Breakfast - Plaza Foyer
9:00 am
Tips & Techniques: Gathering the Best Design Ideas - Patriots [Plaza Ballroom]
Supporting the Diversity Spectrum in Your Community: Programming, Policy & Resources - Rotunda
Finding Appeal Factors: Or What I've Learned from Being Twitter's Resident Reader's Advisory Specialist - Bristol B
10:15 am
Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall - Grand Ballroom
11:30 am
"Your Town" 101-New Resident Program - Ocean [Plaza Ballroom]
12:45 pm
General Lunch - Garden Pavilion
2:15 pm
Train the Trainers Session #2 - Advocacy 101: Creating an Effective Library Story - Plaza Foyer
Library Services to Immigrants & New Americans - Patriots [Plaza Ballroom]
3:15 pm
Afternoon Exclusive Exhibitor Time & Social - Grand Ballroom
Posters' Display Session - Grand Ballroom Foyer
4:30 pm
Working Together to Increase Access - Patriots [Plaza Ballroom]
Queering The Library: How to Better Serve LGBTQIA+ Patrons At Your Library - Bristol B

23rd October 2018

8:00 am
Attendee & Exhibitor Breakfast - Grand Ballroom
9:00 am
ALA President "Big Ideas" Talk - Narragansett [Plaza Ballroom]
10:00 am
Morning Exclusive Exhibitor Time & Coffee Break - Grand Ballroom
11:00 am
Going Clubbing: Engaging Book Groups Using Book Club Kits - Barrington
Diversify Your Readers' Advisory - Rhode Island [Plaza Ballroom]
12:15 pm
Tuesday Lunch - Garden Pavilion
1:30 pm
Grand Finale of Exhibit Hall & Afternoon Social - Grand Ballroom
Innovations Showcase - Grand Ballroom Foyer
2:30 pm
Seeing Spots?: Using Spot Renovations to Improve Library Spaces - Greenwich


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